Orange Order Memorial

The Inscription on the Memorial Reads :
"This Memorial is Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Orange Institution Worldwide, who at the call of King and country, left all that was dear to them, endured hardness, faced danger, and finally passed out of the sight of man by the path of duty and self sacrifice, giving up their own lives that others might live in Freedom. Let those who come after see to it that their names be not forgotten."

The Orange Memorial in France to fallen brethren not only recalls the service to King and Country by members of the Orange institution from throughout the world in the Great War 1914-1918 but in other conflicts before and since.

The siting of the memorial at the Somme beside the Ulster Tower was deemed appropriate when we consider the great sacrifices that were made on that now sacred ground by members of our Order. The memorial does not detract from the memory and our deep sincere appreciation of all those who paid the supreme sacrifice men and women of all nationalities and of all religions.

The memorial does however provide a focus of remembrance for Orangemen and women and their descendants throughout the world as more and more make the piigrimage to the Battlefields of Europe. It is a historical fact that the Orange Institution saw more of its members serve and make the supreme sacrifice in the first world war than any other single orgainisation.

The Orange Institution are justly proud of the tens of thousands of brethren who in the rich tradition of orangeism left all that was dear to them to serve their King and country and to protect the civil and religious liberty that lies at the heart of the institution.

The call to arms by Bro. Sir Samuel Hughes, the Canadain Minister for War and member of LOL 557 Lindsay Ontario resulted in some 80,000 brethren from Canada volunteer.
They were followed by thousands of Australian and -; New Zealand Orangemen, Able Seaman Bro William George Vincent Williams of LOL 92 Melbourne, was the first Australian to be killed in the war. Thousands more from South Africa, the USA and lesser known countries and islands from throughout the Commonwealth answered the call and paid the supreme sacrifice.

A painting that can be found inside the Ulster Tower which depicts an assult on the Ulstermen's line.
Note that some of the men are wearing Orange Order Sashes that members put on before going over the top

Members of the Orange Order who have been awarded the Victoria Cross :

Bro George Richardson
VC Pte. 431834th Regt. of Foot, later the Border Regt. and latterly Sgt Prince of Wales Royal Rifles of Canada. Richardson won his VC during the Indian Mutiny and was recommended on 3 other occasions for the same award.

Bro. Abraham Acton VC Pte. 10694. The Border Regt and member of Whitehaven Lodge, England. Bro Acton won his VC at Rouge Bances, 21th December 1914.

Bro. Robert Ouigg
VC Pte 12/18645 12th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles and member of Aird LOL 1195. Bro Quigg won his VC at Hamel,France, 1st July 1916.

Bro Hill Hanna VC CSM 75361 29th Vancouver I British Columbia Regt Canada and member Ontario LOL 2226. Bro Hanna won his VC at L France, 21st September 1917.

Bro Rev John Weir Foote
VC Capt later Col Canadian Chaplins service attached to Royal Hami Light Infantry and member of Fraserville LOL Ontario. Bro Weir Foot was awarded his VC February 1946 for services above and beyond the of duty during WW2.

It must also be recalled that Bro Robert Dixon I2442 Toronto serving with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and Bro. Lieut J McCormick also from Canada were recommended the VC although this was not to be.

These few words in themselves do not give justice to the long history of Orangism and Military. It barely touches the surface of a proud history that to this day is engraved in the hearts of every member of the order but alas has been so easily forgotten or ignored by that democratic and fair society for which they fought and still fight for in service of the Crown.

Thiepval Memorial LOL 1916 who are responsible for the memorial and was founded under the auspices of the Grand Orange Lodge Ireland. Its mission to preserve the memory of fallen brethren in two world wars and in other conflicts draws its membership from orange lodges throughout the world.


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